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CoEPrA 2006
Comparative Evaluation of Prediction Algorithms
Results for Regression Problem 1

Winner: Gavin Cawley with a predicted q2 = 0.677.

1Gavin CawleyPrediction0.677
2Wit JakuczunPrediction0.626
3Matt SegallPrediction0.615
4Curt BrenemanPrediction0.602
5Liao QuanPrediction0.601
6Scott OloffPrediction0.586
7Cesare FurlanelloPrediction0.567
8Levon BudagyanPrediction0.492
9Reiji TeramotoPrediction0.374
10Artem CherkasovPrediction0.231
11Joao Aires-de-SousaPrediction-0.298
12Alexander TropshaPrediction-0.322
13Hendrik BlockeelPrediction-0.405
14Efstratios GeorgopoulosPrediction-2.936

Note: The initial submission of the group Hendrik Blockeel had a scrambled order of the prediction peptides. Their correct prediction has q2 = 0.317.

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